Long Term Care Insurance

The Facts.

About 9 million Americans, now age 65 or older will require long-term care according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  This number is expected to rise 25% by 2020 to 12 million. (Senior Journal, July 2007)

Medicare generally doesn`t pay for long term care. (www.medicare.gov, August 2009)

42% of today`s workers are not confident in their ability to pay for long term care in retirement. (Retirement Confidence Survey, Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2009)

By 2030, 20% of all Americans, or about 71 million people, will have passed their 65th birthday.  80% of older Americans are living with at least one chronic condition. (Executive Summary, The State of Aging and Health in America, Centers for Disease Control, 2007)

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