Fixed Indexed Annuities

If you are retired or on the verge of retirement, it`s important for you to consider how your income could be impacted by taxes and potential loss. Many people nearing retirement are unaware that there are effective ways to save on taxes while at the same time, increasing their retirement savings.  One option for maximizing value is through the use of fixed indexed annuities (FIAs).

Is an FIA different from a traditional fixed annuity?

An FIA, like all fixed annuities, has a guaranteed ("fixed") minimum interest rate.  Besides the minimum interest rate, an FIA also has the potential for additional indexed interest based on changes in one or more market indexes.  FIAs are an important financial tool because of their unique benefits and broad appeal.

They combine:

  • The opportunity to receive indexed interest due to market index gains
  • The safety and guarantees of fixed products1
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1Guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company.